Sunday, March 15, 2015

To Grey or Not to Grey.

Grey hair.  We'll all get them. Some of us earlier than others.  It's inevitable.

I was 19 when I got my first grey hair.  Since then, it's been boxed dyes and professional dyes over and over and over.

At what age do you give in?  At what age do you just let go and let "life" take over?

I'm still pretty young, I know.  I'm in my 40's.  But I've been dying my hair for almost 25 years.  It's exhausting, but we all know, especially in this day & age, that greying gracefully at this young of an age is not an option.  The stigma that I would feel going grey would be unbearable.  Isn't that horrible? I don't want people to think I'm old or think me stupid for wanting to go grey eventually.

I just don't want to be that 65-70 year old lady still dying her hair dark brown.  I do not want to be her.  We all know them; I know several.   "They can do whatever they want, Kaaren!"  Of course they can. I just don't want that for me.  I want to age gracefully, yet that sentence in itself is ridiculous.  For though we want  to say "She's going grey, kudos to her!" and "She's aging gracefully!" what we really think is "Good Lord, she looks OLD!!"  We don't think "Smart, learned, experienced, wise, sexy, attractive."  We think "OLD!"

Do I really want be the one going down fighting, wearing embarrassingly inappropriate clothes, getting Botox or plastic surgery or having inappropriate hair for my age?   Shoot, I don't like the current length of my hair too much. I think long hair after a certain age is a no-no.  Granted, I won't go buzz-cut short, but to my shoulders would be nice.  This hair down my back, that I have to dye every 4 weeks, is too long.   I am not 20. I don't even like bangs after a certain age.  My preferences are outdated, perhaps.

My husband's temples are grey.  He's got dirty blonde/light brown hair, so it's hardly noticeable, and I think he looks darned sexy that way anyway.  MY hair is dark brown. HOW do I "go grey" when I have this dark hair?  When I eventually decide it's time (when?? 50? 55? It's not too far away!)  How do I go from dark brown to grey; let the roots grow out? UGH!  NO!  Do like a lot of women I've seen online and just BOOM, go grey?  I'm a BRUNETTE.  What a thing to have to deal with, huh? (First World Problems; don't think I don't get the ridiculousness of all this, too.)

Ladies, tell me your feelings!  What do you think? What would YOU do?


Our little gal turned 11 this month.  Eleven!

We threw her a skating party and we had a blast. Our family from S. Florida and Tampa drove up and over to come FOR THE DAY to be with us.  For two families, that was six hours of driving/ 3 each way. Four to five for the Tampa people.

You can't understand how much I love them for that.  Isabel didn't invite a lot of classmates.  Four, to be precise.  She didn't want to invite the entire class. Just her 4 closest pals.  Two of the 4 showed up.  Having my sisters, their spouses and a combined total of 5 nieces and nephews just made the party.

Thank you sisters and brothers-in-law.  We love you so much!!

She designed this outfit and drew her shirt herself.

Attack on Titan cake.  Too hard to explain.  Japanese Anime.

Isabel and a classmate.

Sister Vicky and Lissette's husband John playing free video games.

Vicky's daughter Ava with her Aunt Lissette.

Me, Isabel, Lissette, John & their daughters Lyric & Giana.

Friday, February 20, 2015

November Nails

What does the Fox say?
Design by Elleandish on YouTube

Maleficent nails.  Also an Elleandish design

Water marble attempt.  UGH!!

Another Galaxy nail design

Random stamping/design.

Burberry nails by EZNails.

A CutePolish doticure design.

Thanksgiving nails with stamped images.

Christmas nails with stamping again.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I'm Here, I'm Here!

Sorry for the quiet, oh you 3 people who read my blog.  LOL

Isabel doggy-sat little Pumpkin here for a month while her mom and dad took a one-month vacation in southwest Florida, where no pets were allowed.  She was  A DOLL!!!  A toy poodle who was the sweetest thing ever.

We miss you Pumpkin!

Other than that, we've been enjoying the cool weather, going bike riding, plane flying and generally just enjoying ourselves.

We rode 16 miles this day,

At The Cheesecake Factory

Valentine's Day was spent riding bikes and then going to Bahama Breeze for an early dinner.  Call Ahead Seatting is a MUST people.  We called an hour ahead (they don't do reservations, just same-day call -ahead seating) and when we got there, the walk-in wait time was 55 minutes.  We were seated in less than 5.  Whoot!!

Hope you're having a good year so far!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 Revelations

2014 was a trying year.  It started out immediately with a swift kick in the throat.

I was left stunned, hurt, pained.  I reached out to exactly fourteen people. The responses were so varied.

For the most part, I was loved. I was supported.

It also revealed things about people I did not expect.

The one person I thought would have my back most, did have my back, but only if I reacted in the way they felt I should.  When I chose a different path, the anger and disappointment from their part was an ironic revelation; they forgot their own past that I supported wholeheartedly.  We're not as close anymore.

And wonderfully, some people who I thought would rage and yell and overreact...didn't.  When I chose my path, they walked with me.  They said it was my choice and accepted everything with open arms.  It was such a revelation to know that the ones I thought would lash out said "We support you, no matter what you choose."  We're closer than before.

I lived in constant anxiety for about 5 months.  My reading dropped.  I didn't want to.  I didn't want to work out. I didn't feel like blogging.  I didn't want to think.  Sadly, that's all one can do.  You can't escape your own brain.

The strength I had and have to get through it all is my deep love for God/Jesus.  I prayed a lot. I read the Bible. I went to church. I socialized with like-minded people there.  I talked to close friends and relatives.  It soothed me.  It makes me a happier person and makes me sad for those people who are just so angry all the time.

2014 revealed a strength I knew I had, but not in the way most people today would expect.  I don't live in a disposable, "that happened 5 minutes ago" world.  In my world, actions have long-reaching repercussions. Everyone has to take the accolades as well as the blame for the path they choose. This life takes work and sometimes it "ain't" pretty.

The rest of the year was a time of growth and revelation of the good in life.  Not perfection.  Just satisfaction in the good that surrounds me, in the people I adore. It was a really good rest-of-the-year once I gave up the reigns.

I pray that 2015 allows you, and me, to continue to grow in awareness and understanding of all the good in your life.  It's there. You just have to be open to it.